Rock Climbing Centre Hull

We have recently carried out a bespoke air conditioning installation at a vertical rock climbing facility. This is located in a very high, open space, we could not use gas heating as the gas has been removed from the building. Therefore, A/C was the answer , we carefully engineered this so the air diffusers, looked similar to the hand and feet grips. Destratification fans focus the air flow in a down-woods directions and keep the heat down and air moving.

QK Honeycomb Product

Here are some pictures of just one of our recent great installation for 2 new Powrmatic CPX G150X complete with ducting & de-stratification fans keeping the workforce warm in this new factory building.

Figaro’s Italian Restaurant

Comfort Eating At Figaro!

Air Conditioning units have been installed at Figaro (Italian Restaurant). This restaurant has been running for 14 years and accommodates 85 diners throughout the restaurant, the benefit of installing an Air Conditioning system is to allow the diners to enjoy their meals in comfort.


We have recently completed a Radiant Tube Heater installation at a new central distribution centre in Tamworth.

The client specifically required heating to the  loading bay doors where the warehouse staff have been working without heating the full warehouse.


We have recently completed the HVAC and BMS installation at Rebound, Hull.

This has been an interesting project as we have had to meet the unique demands of the trampoline centre which was made possible by the careful selection of Air Handling plant and its integration with a  Honeywell Centraline Building Management system.


We have designed, built and commissioned a large control system for the Foredyke School in Hull, the school has undergone a major expansion refurbishment.  The control system satisfies all the requirements of the local authority and building regulations.  It controls AHU’s, boilers, associated pumps and equipment and has full access via the internet for the local authority to monitor this equipment.


Case Study: Boots, The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading

Due to Boots’ open door policy, the open shop front on one of its flagship stores located in the Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading was causing more than a headache for the retailer.  While the design of the store entrance was helping to promote footfall, cold draughts were becoming a problem for both staff and customers. In addition, the heating/air conditioning system was working extra hard to cope with the heat loss, so energy costs were escalating.

Nortek Global HVAC UK worked with M&E contractor Neville Tucker Services of Kingston upon Hull to provide an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution.  Fitting air curtains created a barrier of air to deflect the natural convection airflow so that conditioned air would be retained within the store.  It also slashed the store’s running costs.

Because of the size of the open shop front, cold dense air flows in at the bottom of the entrance opening while warm air inside the building exits at the top. Typically, air curtains are installed over the doors to high street shops and above the entrance doors to shopping malls. Here, however, the size of the entrance to the Boots store and the lower ambient temperature in the Oracle Shopping Centre meant it was necessary to install air curtains above the doors to the store.

Nortek Global HVAC UK, which incorporates the AmbiRad, Benson, Airbloc and Nordair Niche brands, supplied nine air curtains from its Airbloc AC range. The store’s recessed ceiling does not extend to the glazed frontage, so recessed air curtains were not an option as they would not seal the doorway. With a semi-circular profile, which also conceals the inlet grille, the Airbloc AC unit was ideally suited to this application because it could be mounted close to the door for a better seal.

Nine three-phase electrically heated air curtains were installed side by side across the store’s three 6m glass doors to resemble a single continuous unit. For added safety/ functionality, the units were specified with an illuminated fire exit sign, while a powder-coated finish provided a stylish solution that did not detract from the overall design of the store entrance.

Working closely with the steelwork contractor, Neville Tucker Services devised an innovative mounting solution to ensure a neat installation that would hide the wiring.  The weld studs were specified such that the air curtains would bolt directly on to the minimal steelwork at the full height glass entrance, without the need for any brackets.

To ensure optimum performance, the air curtains were installed in conjunction with Nortek’s SmartElec energy controller. The wired, Thyristor-controlled system features a digital display and three fan settings allowing a modulation range of 16-35 degrees.  End users typically find that SmartElec halves the running costs of their heating/air conditioning and they stand to make savings of up to 65% on their energy bills.

Neville Tucker Services director Matthew Gartland said: “Airbloc AC air curtains are powerful, quality units that fit the bill for a variety of retail applications and are easy to install.

“We particularly like them because they can be linked to the BMS using the SmartElec controller to provide effective HVAC control.  This is a really good feature and was an essential part of the specification for the Boots store in Reading’s Oracle Shopping Centre.”

The SmartElec controller has built-in digital sensors that allow tighter control through pulsing and modulating of the heated elements, saving energy running costs.  It means the air curtain can be at ambient temperature for as long as possible while still monitoring the required set point output temperature. The system specification also includes MODBUS protocol communication with the store’s Building Management System (BMS).  This approach enables the BMS to switch the air curtain on/off and control it – altering the temperature setting and fan speed and identifying fault signals – so that it effectively replaces the standard keypad control.

Installation Summary:

  • Semi-circular profile allows installation close to the doors for an effective seal
  • Energy-efficient solution reduces heat loss and building running costs by 80%
  • Units installed side by side to resemble a single continuous unit
  • Innovative mounting solution did not detract from the store entrance
  • Remote SmartElec controller incorporating MODBUS protocol interfaces with the store’s BMS

Technical Summary:

  • Electrically heated AC2000 SE18-SM and AC1500 SE12-SM units
  • Customised finish enhances the design of the store entrance
  • Uniform linear air flow across the full door width ensures an effective barrier
  • Class-leading SmartElec controller delivers energy savings of 40%-65%